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  • A new art print - classic movie star Audrey Hepburn (25 Feb 2013)
  • We have updated our contact page. (30 April 2012)
  • A new art print - classic movie star Hedy Lamarr (5 Feb 2012)

Welcome to Celebrity Art Prints.
All art work is created by Rumiko and her passion is to paint beautiful people and celebrities through out history.

We have art prints of movie stars from the 1920's onwards and other celebrities. We also have rare art prints of Kamikaze pilots from World War II and other various original works. We update this site regularly with brand new art work to make sure that our customers can enjoy shopping with us at all times.

If you like movies and celebrities or if are you looking for some art work which is rare and special, then look no further as we are sure you will find it here. Our art prints are professionally printed on the highest quality paper and are gorgeous prints of the original paintings (painted by Rumiko herself).

The art prints are much more affordable than the original art work without detracting in any way from the look and feel of the original work. You will not know the difference. The quality and variety of these art prints will dramatically spice-up and add-to the ambience of your room, house, shop, cafe, office, etc. They make great gifts and are perfect for the collector.

Recent Art Work

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*The watermark ("Celebrity Art Prints") will not appear on the artwork you purchase.

Justin Bieber The Beatles Heddy Lamarr Katy Perry Audrey Hepburn 2 Lady Gaga
$169.00 AUD

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$140.00 AUD

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$158.00 AUD



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